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ISEG EHQxxx Modules

PXI Detector HV Bias Supplies

XIA sells all support equipment necessary to operate the DGF and DXP digital processor CAMAC modules, including this family of detector HV bias supply modules manufactured by ISEG.

The EHQxxx modules provide a precision, low noise high voltage supply. Current limiting and TTL shutdown functions are selected via front panel controls, with voltage and current displayed on a front panel LCD.

Note that standard EHQxxx modules are designed for Eurocassette, and the PXI-modified version is available only from XIA.

EHQxxx datasheet (PDF format, 60KB)

EHQxxx manual (PDF format, 202KB)

Visit ISEG online for further description


National Instruments
Crates and Controllers

We recommend using NI crates with a NI optical interface to a desktop PC.


Preamplifier Power and PXI Trigger Breakout Module


Preamplifier Power Supply for Multi-Element Detector Systems

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