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DGF versus DXP


The Digital X-ray Processor (DXP) and Digital Gamma Finder (DGF) share much of their underlying architecture but are geared toward different applications. This page is intended to help customers decide which family of instruments is most appropriate for their application.

The DXP employs a field programmable gate array (FPGA) as a 'firm-wired' yet fully programmable digital pulse shaper and pileup rejection unit in combination with a digital signal processor (DSP) that oversees pulse-height data collection according to user settings. Incoming data can be gated and resolved into separate banks of spectrum memory in real time as directed by external timing signals, allowing a wide variety of spectroscopy experiments, e.g. MCA mapping and SCA mapping. The DXP's dead time per event is extremely low, yielding industry-leading output data rates of over 1,000,000 cps (in full MCA mode!). Various time-resolved data acquistion modes make the DXP a very powerful tool for XAFS and X-ray Mapping applications. In short, the DXP is a family of versatile digital spectrometers with industry-leading performance at very high incident rates. Please visit the DXP Products pages for further details

The DGF family is intended for more sophisticated signal processing applications that require pulse-shape analysis and/or coincidence triggering. With the addition of a FIFO memory for digital signal capture and a flexible, two-level triggering system that can span multiple modules, the DGF's DSP can not only make pulse-height measurements but can also work in real time on various user assigned pulse shape analysis tasks, such as realtime ballistic deficit correction. Incoming data may also be processed and sorted according to pulse shape information, e.g. risetime, and further constrained by coincidence timing information from other detector elements in the DGF system. The DGF poses solutions to a wide range of extremely demanding pulse processing applications in the areas of nuclear physics, strip detectors, and very high resolution gamma-ray spectroscopy. Please visit the DGF Products pages for further details.

The DXP and DGF cores are available in several hardware form factors. PXI (Extended CompactPCI) USB modules target single and multi-element detector systems. Standard and customized circuit boards such as the low-power microDXP are available for embedded OEM applications.

Please contact XIA for help deciding which product is right for your application.




Compact modules are intended for use in portable and embedded systems.

DGF Pixie-4


PXI (Extended Compact PCI) modules are targeted at multi-element detector systems and offer the highest data transfer rates.
Single DXP channel with mapping functions, USB 2.0 interface and custom outputs.

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