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DXP Software and Drivers

XIA offers individually tailored host software for each DXP product and a single driver library for all DXP products. In addition, several third party applications are available.

DXP Host Software and Drivers

Host data acquisition software is different for each DXP instrument. Please visit the appropriate software page, or contact the software team at to discuss your application today!


Please visit the XIA Support Website for the latest ProSpect release.


Please visit the XIA Support Website for the latest FalconX software release.

DXP Mercury
Please visit the XIA Support Website for the latest Mercury software release.

Please visit the XIA Support Website for the latest microDXP software release.

3rd Party Applications

EPICS makes control and data acquisition available over the network, from any application or language that supports the EPICS channel access protocol (based on TCP/IP). This means that EPICS clients written in languages like IDL, LabView, Visual Basic, etc. can control DXP modules and acquire data. These applications can be running on any computer on the Internet, they do not need to run on the computer that is attached to the XIA hardware. This client/server model is very desirable in complex data acquisition environments, such as synchrotron beamlines, because it allows the XIA module control and data acquisition to be integrated with other hardware and software. EPICS is currently in use at the APS, NSLS, and the Swiss Light Source.

spec is a UNIX-based commercial software package developed by Certified Scientific Instruments for instrument control and data acquisition. It is widely used for X-ray diffraction at synchrotrons around the world and in university, national and industrial laboratories.

MX is an open-source data acquisition and control system developed by W. M. Lavender for the Illinois Institute of Technology. It is currently being used at APS and CAMD.

The PortIO driver from Scientific Software Tools, Inc. is used to interface the Saturn benchtop spectrometer.

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